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With experience on our side, we can help you achieve the roof you've always wanted:

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We have a range of different roof slating and roof tiling that we can provide includes different size natural slate, tile and man-made slates. Whatever your needs we have the right material for you.


If you'd like us to help you work on what particular design you'd like to go for, please contact us. We can provide you with our highly knowledgeable opinion on the types of slate and tile roofing that might go best with your home. Either get in touch through email, or call directly.

Slating and roof tiling

Expertly applied roof slating

Complete the look of your roofing with sophisticated roof slating and tiling. Use our expertise for your home's made to measure roofing solution.


No matter if you're updating your existing roofing, or if it's a new roof, contact us today.